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Alarm Clock!

  • Wake happier and more motivated every morning
  • Listen to Jim Carrey, Oprah and other inspiring stories
  • Wake up to applause or a song
  • Every day has a new audio message
  • Drift into sleep with our sleep audio meditation

WakeHappy Features

What makes us different to other mobile alarm clocks? 

Step 1 – Choose your Wake-Up Tones

Wakeup Motivated

Wake up to applause or birdsong

Many Choices

Pick as many WakeUp tones as you like and we will randomize

Cherish Tones

Let us tell you how brilliant you are

Own Recording

The voices of your nearest and dearest can wake you up even when you are not together

Step 2 – Your Daily Wake-Up Messages

Many Messages

A different message every day

Daily Themes

Inspiring stories about Oprah, Jim Carrey, Ellen De Generes and more

Saturday Interview

Inspiring interviews from the American Academy of Achievement

Happy Wakeup

Feel like jumping out of bed every day

Sunday Special

Feel grateful with mindful Sundays

Showcase of Styles

WakeHappy wakes you feeling MOTIVATED and HAPPY every morning. It works in three simple steps. Step 1 -You choose from six different wake-up tones, including an option to record your own or someone else’s voice. Step 2 – Every morning you will hear a motivating, inspiring or entertaining message to give you the energy you need to get out of bed. Step 3 – we will also tell you what the weather is for the day. This is an audio app which runs for two minutes at the alarm time you set. The wake-up tone and message will repeat until you hit snooze or stop.


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